Patrice C. Washington Author Speaker Coach – Washington, DC

    Patrice C. Washington Author Speaker Coach - Washington, DC

    Patrice C. Washington Author Speaker Coach - Washington, DC Patrice C. Washington, The Wisdom & Wealth Money Maven, is founder of the Mindset & Money Master Class®, ..

    June 15, 2013 10:10 am,2235 Views

    Patrice C. Washington Author Speaker Coach - Washington, DC Patrice C. Washington, The Wisdom & Wealth Money Maven, is founder of the Mindset & Money Master Class®, the proven step-by-step program that shows you exactly how to create the mindset and skillset necessary to achieve financial success. About Patrice How do millionaires like Donald Trump file bankruptcy four times and still seem to end up on a Forbes list soon after? How does a super-athlete with a $10 million dollar contract one year, undergo foreclosure and file bankruptcy just a year later? How do you spend hours surfing the internet for how to make a budget, finally print down your perfect template and then never use it? How are you one of the most gifted and talented people you know, but also the pauper of the group, or worse, most unfulfilled? The answer to each and every one of these questions comes down to the mindset of the individual. Becoming wealthy has 100% nothing to do with money . . . it has 100% everything to do with YOU and YOUR MINDSET towards money and wealth! Don’t believe me? Think about it. Your results today are a product of your actions yesterday. Yesterday’s actions were a byproduct of your thoughts. Your thoughts were manifested (for the most part) by childhood beliefs. And those beliefs, my friend, are well, a part of your mindset! So, if you are ready for a shift in your mindset, you have come to the right place! If you want to continue going in financial circles, then, thanks for stopping by, but I may overwhelm you. My name is Patrice Cunningham Washington, known to many as the Wisdom &Wealth Money Maven. I built my first business at 42nd Street Elementary School as the afterschool candy lady in second grade, but the one I’m most known for is the real estate, mortgage and investment brokerage I started at just 21 years old. Something else I started at just 21 years old was my quest to become financially free. While I was a stellar business student at the University of Southern California, spending several semesters on the Dean’s List, it wasn’t until graduation that I realized I had racked up nearly $18,000 in credit card debt. I was fortunate enough to receive grants and scholarships, parental support and work-full time my entire college career. And if that weren’t enough, my brother owned the home I lived in with three roommates. They paid rent. I paid the bi-monthly water bill. So, how did I get into that much debt? I vaguely remember a t-shirt and a Frisbee being offered, but the details have since faded. I’m almost certain though that you know enough about HOW to get into debt! The important part is how I got out of $18,000 in less than 18 months, right? It wasn’t easy. It wasn’t glamorous. It took getting clear about my purpose and the value I offered the world. In a nutshell, I had to get to know ME, before I could get to know MONEY. The journey was about working on my issues with money from the inside out and then taking ACTION! It was during this time I developed the mantra, Seek Wisdom Find Wealth based on the Bible verse, Proverbs 17:16 which states “Of what use is money in the hand of a fool, since he has no desire to get wisdom? And so my quest for wisdom began. I read everything I could on personal finances and personal development, attended workshops (the free late night infomercial kind, as well as the uber expensive ones), found multi-millionaire mentors and most importantly began to share everything I was learning with my real estate clients who I quickly realized may have been twice my age, but didn’t know half of what they should about basic personal finance concepts. Before I knew it, my real estate business was booming and mostly from referrals. A clear part of my mission in that business became educating and therefore empowering the people I served. Between the real estate bubble bursting circa 2008 and making the decision to transition to my new role as a full-time wife and mother, I went back to the drawing board about what my true calling in life was. Did I absolutely love real estate? Eh, I did initially, but after much self-reflection, I realized that my love affair with real estate had since waned. What I became truly passionate about was educating people and helping them get to their aha moments with money. In 2008, I penned my personal mission to eradicate financial illiteracy and provide financial empowerment to women and youth. I have yet to look back. Since that time, my work has appeared in national publications like Upscale Magazine, Sheen Magazine and the Huffington Post. I wrote over 50 personal finance posts for with content shared internationally. I have appeared on several internet and traditional radio shows and been featured on NBC news as a personal finance expert (their words – not mine). The best part is the work I get to do with people one on one. Through my personal coaching business, I have helped countless women affirm their way to the next level in their wealth building. Through my work with Operation HOPE, a global financial empowerment not for profit organization, I have counseled hundreds of men and women nationwide who once felt hopeless in their financial pursuits. I volunteer with young people through organizations like Young, Fit & Fly and Youth Entrepreneurs Atlanta in order to inspire the next generation of entrepreneurs. This site is dedicated to sharing their successes, but also more than a decade of my own financial successes, as well as some of my own failures in the hopes that it will save you time, energy and tons of money. My blog covers these wisdom & wealth building topics: Create Wealthy Habits Earn More Money Manage Money Wisely Relationships and Money Real Money Answers BONUS: Wisdom & Wealth Affirmations, which you can have delivered to your e-mail box weekly. So, go ahead. If you’re ready to go to the next level, then subscribe to this blog. Make it a resource for you to seek wisdom and find wealth you're looking for and deserve. Until Next Time, Seek Wisdom, Find Wealth & Be Blessed!

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